Ep8 – Deep dive – The historiography of the Great War

In their comprehensive exploration of the historiography of the Great War from the end of the First World War up until the early 1960s, Gary and Spencer delve into the insights provided by several influential figures. Among them is David Lloyd George, the British Prime Minister during the Great War, whose memoirs and writings shed light on the political decision-making and strategies employed during the war. Basil Liddel Hart, a renowned military historian and strategist and Sir James Edmonds’ who wrote the official British history of World War One, based on official documents. Additionally, the works of Charles Robert Mowbray Fraser Cruttwell, Alan Clark and Cyril Falls are covered. Throughout their in-depth analysis, Gary and Spencer explore how these historians’ work shaped the understanding of the Great War and influenced subsequent generations of scholars.

Military History Plus
Military History Plus
Ep8 - Deep dive - The historiography of the Great War