S2E1 – Deep Dive – The Historiography of the Great War Part 2

In this second installment of their three-part exploration of the historiography of the Great War, Gary and Spencer dedicate a significant portion of their discussion to the influential works and impact of historian John Terraine. Much like other notable figures such as David Lloyd George, Basil Liddel Hart, and Sir James Edmonds, Terraine’s contributions have played a crucial role in shaping the understanding of this pivotal period in history.  Terraine departed from conventional narratives that often-painted military leadership during the conflict as inept. He, a proponent of strategic realism, argued that the challenges faced by commanders were unprecedented, marked by the complexities of trench warfare and technological advancements. His revisionist approach aimed to offer a nuanced understanding of the decision-making processes and strategic dilemmas confronted by military leaders. Notably, he staunchly defended General Douglas Haig, challenging prevailing negative assessments and contending that Haig’s decisions were made under extraordinary circumstances.

Military History Plus
Military History Plus
S2E1 - Deep Dive - The Historiography of the Great War Part 2